Dating retuals germany in the 1990s

A new exhibition at the site aims to dispel such myths -- and reflects Germany's new approach towards explaining its darkest places.Wewelsburg Castle in northwestern Germany was the spiritual home of Hitler's murderous SS and ever since 1945, neo-Nazis and Satanists have spun myths about torch-lit ceremonies and ancient Nordic rituals that supposedly went on behind its walls.

Some time later, it was discovered that the woman was turned into "sushi." At that time the man had already eaten a few body parts.Wewelsburg Castle, once a pseudo-religious sanctum for Hitler's SS, has been shrouded in mystery since 1945.Its echoing crypt and mysterious occult symbols have spawned fantasies of pagan, torch-lit ceremonies held by the murderous brotherhood.To the arresting officers in Paris, he justified his acts as a proof of profound passion.In the late 80's many books and films find inspiration by the sinister love story.

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