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Within 10 minutes of posting, she had a handful of virtual suitors — and one stood out.He suggested they ditch the dating site and switch to email.

wanting money from me to pay his Taxes so that he can come over to be with me!!! He did not ask for money but set up a few fake profiles and these profiles did ask for money. I hope that all of you that have been scammed by the people using this IP address send the pictures you have and report them to romance scam or pig buster.Same person is showing up as Fredrick Joem a high ranking military man out of the country. He went as far as giving me a bank aname URBAN TRUST and Bank account number and the name on the account (BERNADETTE COLLINS) as soon as i said no i never heard from him again. I met a lady on a dating site named mary gourlay in e mail but after talking she says she can't talk on the phone because its messed up.I think the geolocal is not real, they are from Nigeria, as this person is using a Nigeria mailing address to send stuff to him. What scum would do this kind of thing to unsuspecting people. So, we talk on yahoo messenger and tells me she needs a new iphone and we can talk and I would be the first person she calls. This IP address for one 'Paolo Simoni Veschi' did set up a number of fake profiles, but for the record, this person and his fake profiles did NOT ask for any money.Now any address I get, I do a reverse lookup online. This guy went by the name of Wesley Austin and his brothers name was Bradley Austin Now he is using the name o Jason Amando and use a girla as his daughter with the name of lucy amando.He tried to get money from me to help is suppose daughter who had an accident.

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