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I think I'm feeling the "Export All Audio Tracks" option..I will also try the Merge/Glue way,..I really need to be able to import tracks and have them line up the right way; which is a feature that consolidation does very well in PT - however, I have used the "Export All Audio Tracks" feature in the past - and it really works like a charm in regards to starting things @ measure 1. Often if I want to do things the manual way, with the glue tool, I'll just copy back a very small portion of audio to bar 1 beat 1, and use it on every track I wish to glue.

i will try these all of these options now and will let you all know how everything worked out for me. Don't forget also now in Logic 9 there is the bounce in place command which is GREAT for this.

Hackintosh i5 6600K 4.4ghz, La Cie External HD's, Logic X/9, OS 10.12.2.

Apogee Duet 2, MOTU 896HD, Sytek MPX-4Aii, Lomo 19-A9, Coles 4038, Calrec 652 Pair, Oktava MKL-2500, AT-4033 Pair, Beyer M201, M-Audio Axiom 25, TR-8Often if I want to do things the manual way, with the glue tool, I'll just copy back a very small portion of audio to bar 1 beat 1, and use it on every track I wish to glue.

Thank you all for your time, jd foster All Tracks as Audio Files...

command plugin automation will not be included, but you can choose to bounce all the tracks with volume/pan info and to bypass all plugins if desired.

Does anyone know the equivalent to "Consolidating" in Pro Tools - In Logic?

I would like to consolidate audio regions into 1 single region,..

Each additional bit that is added to word width is added to the LSB (least significant bit), each LSB is equal to 1/2 the value of the next highest bit.hello folks, What is the easiest way to take various regions (or maybe just one) on a track and convert it to one long continous file that starts at zero?I am wanting to do this in order to be able to easily transfer files to another system and have them all line up at zero.I know the = key makes multiple regions into one.can that same thing be done from bar 1 (which would include empty space)? Merge/glue won't work unless you have a region at bar 1 (which I'm assuming you don't?I probably can figure this out on my own later - but I won't be at my computer w/Logic probably for another couple of hours. ) I really miss the consolidate feature in Live as well, you could highlight any area and consolidate into a region.

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Hope that helps Rounik All Tracks as Audio Files... You can set this up so that those tracks are recorded to audio tracks in Logic...

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