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This trope was particularly prevalent in The '90s when the Internet first started creeping into everyday life, but few people online had pictures of themselves because digital cameras were an expensive luxury item and not yet standard feature on cell phones, and not everyone had access to a scanner for paper photos.

Half the scenarios listed above depend on the person not having a clear photo of their face; nowadays, that's a blatant sign that the person is hiding something, but back then it was the norm.

Many a long-term relationship and marriage have begun this way.

...unless you happen to be a character in a Sitcom, in which case the online dating service is yet There are many other permutations and possibilities available, but no matter whom your suitor might turn out to be, the odds are very high that your first date will be anything but typical.

From episode 413 where Phil La Marr is on a blind dinner date with Bunifa: Phil: Bunifa, that's an interesting name.

The actor, 46, says he has always been an unrepentant softie when he’s in the presence of a good work of art.

But as shown earlier, even a picture can be misleading or Blatant Lies, and doesn't reveal the person's true intentions or personality.

Older Than They Think, with pre-Internet "computer dating" and "video dating" services, as well as newspaper "lonely hearts" sections, 1-900 premium rate dating phone lines and old brick-and-mortar "dating services" providing examples for this trope.

In Real Life, online dating sites are simply another way of meeting people.

You create a profile with your picture, beliefs, and hobbies, meet other like-minded users, and chat online until you're both comfortable enough to meet in the flesh.

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I realize that, but because of the namesake, it should at least be noted so that we don't get more questions about that sketch. Stuff to add to her bio: She's from Hawthorne California. She describes herself as friendly, outgoing and easy to get along with, but is anything but easy to get along with. " - Dot Goddard -"Sit your ass on down for a big ol' slice of truth, and a side of wisdom" - Tovah Mc Queen -"Look what I can do! " ~ Stuart __________________ I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer. I think that the first appearance of Bunifa was in episode 117, but it is not mentioned here because some people say that it is "not the Bunifa we all know and love". Maybe not the Bunifa from season 4 on, but maybe something happened to Bunifa that had caused a change that turned her into the Bunifa "we all know and love". I would like to bring up the first Bunifa appearance again. What are the chances that 2 characters would be named Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson?

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