E173 updating firmware inserted is not firmware internet dating translation

This updated E173 U-1 USB modem can be used as a USM modem GSM Gateway on FRITZ!

This Entire Unlocking Procedure for Huawei Modem will remain Same.

This only happens when the new firmware version is different from the existing one on the device. Enter it here.– The process starts and normally, this should take less than 10 minutes.– At this point, you don’t have to do anything.

Firmware is nothing but the program code which contains of the control program for the devices.

Only huawei firmware update exe will chnaged based on your model.

You need to follow following points and download huawei modem unlocking software before proceed.

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The Orange connection gets 1Mbps download on a good day, only 300kps on a not-good day. I think the network (base-station) infrastructure isn't very up-to-date in my location.

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