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Another related problem shows itself with the Clouds filter (Filter Clouds).

Normally you would expect the clouds to be rendered in the foreground and background colors, but with a 16-bit file you always get black and white: Here’s how to solve both of these problems very quickly: change the bit depth of your file from 16 bits per channel to 8 bits per channel by selecting Image 8 Bits/Channel. 1) We covered Smart Filters and Smart Objects in some detail awhile back – if you need a refresher, please see my earlier tutorials: Smarter Editing with Smart Objects Smart Objects, Raw Flexibility Smart Objects, Smarter Filters (this tutorial describes Smart Filters and how they work) And, for even more in-depth studies of Smart Objects: Picture Package with Smart Objects Exposure Blending with Smart Objects Nested Smart Objects – (Part 1) – (Part 2) Max Stacks with Photoshop Noise Reduction with Smart Object Stack Modes Creative Stacking Diversions Stay tuned next week as we continue to attack common problems in Photoshop.

The next time you open the RAW file, ACR will use the adjustments stored in the — lose the for that file and you start over.

)…copies the layer onto the new window that has a white blank background.

Ballard, a professional Adobe Camera Raw Workflow consultant, Southern California Adobe® Photoshop® Camera Raw® Lightroom® After Effects® Bridge® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc.

COMPLETELY REVISED March 2012"A raw file is a raw dump of the sensor data unaffected by any camera color conversion or tone curve.

(Oh and yes, my shoes were disappearing into the grass so I created some – remember that if your original photo doesn’t show it, you have to remember to create it! Now adjust your opacity back to 100% to see your silhouetted image. Remember that you are gonna see the different layers of your window in the sidebar but only for the selected window…click on the top bar of the window to make sure you are on the right one.

So what we are gonna do is click on the top of the original image and select our shape layer.

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