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The overwhelming responses reveal that Surgery is futile untill the disease has “run-its-course” which may be Never.It requires that the Victim undergo MRI Scans to follow the Progression.

“At the time, a car was way more important than where I went to college.” Her family lived in Steamboat Springs, Colo.Siebert began is warped and perverted con on Terri A.Gibbs when hank was about 5 or 6 years old, defrauding the Gibbs family into believing that Siebert, the only surgeon in the world, to be able to cure Parry Romberg Syndrome by surgery.Siebert has stolen Millions, he has been caught in a major tax evasion scheme and caught engaging in bribery, perjury and fraud in various Courts. Now he again has bamboozled Hank Gibbs and his Family into anther wasted, expansive and useless surgery so that UW Hospital and Siebert can be unjustly enriched by a futile surgery.He has ben caught engaging in threats of murder and extortion by emails, and is now restrained by Nationwide Restraining Order against him issued in a California Superior Court in 2015 and Renewed for cause in 2016 for 3 years until 2019. Scams Inc Investigations has contacted many Associations, surgeons, Organizations and Insurere and Medicare regarding the prospects of surgical intervention involving persons with this Disease.

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