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Live Auctioneers’ Auction Price Results Database is a free research tool for those who want to buy or sell.

What about your deepest, darkest secrets – like your sexual fantasies, or your desire to cheat on your spouse?

More than 250,000 individual auction sales records for paintings, sculptures, and drawings have been obtained from these catalogs, each of which is searchable according to a range of parameters in the Sale Contents section of the database.

Each record in the Provenance Index is also linked to the full PDF of its corresponding catalog residing at the website of the Heidelberg University Library.

Search by keyword and refine by auction house, location, origin, style period, creator, materials, techniques, and more to research and determine the value of items in your existing or future collection.

Auction results are updated daily with new hammer prices so you can always access recently sold to historical results dating back to 1999.

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Hunt tweeted that the Mate1 data breach included “deeply sensitive” information such as drug use, income levels and sexual fetishes.

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