Accountability dating a united methodist pastor

I realize that I’m supposed to maintain healthy friendships outside of the church, and I’ve taught this for years in seminary classes.

In 1989, the Women’s Task Force of Good News expanded into the Evangelical Coalition for United Methodist Women (ECUMW) and then later evolved into the Renew Network and continues to work as affiliate of the Good News organization.

* Do you look forward to seeing certain congregants, or find yourself fantasizing about them? Are you hiring new clergy or staff, and need to screen out potential offenders? Resources include: Faith Trust Institute: information, training, and consultation for clergy and church leaders. Faithful and True, a ministry to men and women struggling with sexual addiction or sexual infidelity.

* Do you just have a sense that “something isn’t right” in your relationship with a certain congregant?

Renew’s origins date back to the mid-1970s when a small group of evangelical women grew concerned over the direction of the Women’s Division programs and policies.

At the time, the group united under the name of the Women’s Task Force of Good News and began publishing a periodic newsletter which quickly grew in circulation.

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“Because both issues related to clergy covenant and human sexuality are deeply rooted in our relationship with God, we need to approach them with the awareness that we are standing on holy ground.

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